Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lock it up.

More and more people that come to check out and buy bikes mention that they just got their brand new, expensive bike stolen. A lot of people mention this. While Chicago is a nice city to ride a bicycle in, it's also easy to have your bike stolen. So... always have your bike locked up whenever you're not with it. Bikes are dollars to a lot of people, and bikes can easily be sold cheaply it seems. Use a good quality lock. If you can find it at Walgreens or a dollar store, it'll take a few seconds to cut. Personally, I use a small u-lock between whatever locking object (bike stand, street sign post, &c.) and my front wheel and frame. I then loop a thick wire cable between the u-lock and the rear wheel. My thinking is that a front wheel is a lot easier to get off.
Also, locking your bike up in a well-lit, public space is most likely better than hiding it in some place behind a building or side street. This seclusion would give a bike thief more time to cut a lock.
Keep your bike inside your house/apartment whenever possible. Don't lock your bike up outside your own house overnight when you could just easily carry it up a flight or two of stairs. You'll be more upset when your bike is stolen than that little effort to bring it inside everyday.
Enjoy the weather!

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