Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No more bikes.

I used to build up bicycles to sell to folks in Chicago. Working on bicycles is a fun hobby to have for some, and I've enjoyed working on many.
I don't sell rebuilt bikes anymore and don't enjoy the "sales" part of the rebuilding process. So, no more bicycles for sale. I will generally have a small rotating supply of random parts, but no longer offer complete bicycles.
This is good for me though. It gives me more time to ride my own bikes. And I hope to share this on this existing blog.
I ride to commute, I ride for errands, I ride to escape the city, I ride for exercise, and I ride for fun. I plan to document some of these aspects of bicycling to share with some, to preserve rides for myself, and to simply re-kindle a hobby of writing on this blog.

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